You’ve Got To
Know when to
Hold Em / Fold Em / Walk Away
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My name is Amber Sawaya.


Professionally I’m a best-selling author, creative director, and business owner. 

Semi-professionally I’m a strength and conditioning coach. 

Non-professionally I’m hilariously irreverent and love to throw parties and organize things.


you can find me
all over the

(I apparently only like really long URLs)

What I’m
on right now

Building a Mobile App

My best-selling book, The Client's Guide to Building a Mobile App, is available on Amazon. ›

Leans, Greens & RDLs

Leans (protein), Greens (veggies), and RDLs (Romanian Dead Lifts—a weight-lifting move) is my healthy eating and weight lifting website.

App Planner Blueprint

Looking for the


As a companion to the best selling book, The Client’s Guide to Building a Mobile App, I’ve put together a FREE app planning blueprint.

Get the most leverage from your apps by getting you and your company off to the right start.

Understand the initial planning, including platforms, distribution and pricing.

Start well to end well—get your app produced on time and on budget.

“The Mobile App Blueprint helped us align internally before we started talking to designers and developers. This helped us not waste time by shooting in the dark.

“Taking the step to start talking to firms is intimidating. By working through the Mobile App Blueprint and reading the book we had the information we needed to be confident when we started talking to people.”

Register for free, instant access to the App Planning Blueprint



I just want to create some awesome user interfaces, work with good people, and drink coffee. 




The opportunity to be a space marine
and carry a plasma rifle comes up.  
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    What I do for a day job

    I’m lucky enough to get to run a tech firm with my husband and my best friend. Talk about right place/right time! Head on over there and see what we do.

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    I hail from Salt Lake City, Utah.

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    If you want to talk about any of my books/writing/speaking engagements please contact me here. If you are looking for a website, app, user interface or UX project please visit my company page,

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