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The Amazon best-seller, Building a Mobile App, is now in its 3rd edition for 2015.

Find out what hundreds of readers have discovered about how to hire a firm, what apps cost and what you need to know to get yours built.


This book is NOT for designers or developers.

It will NOT teach you how to do-it-yourself.

This book is for clients and corporations that are going to build an app. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the process, terms and information you need to hire a firm. I wrote this book after fielding dozens of questions from clients, potential clients and people I meet at coffee shops.

Available in print and on Kindle.

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Table of Contents

  • Dedication
  • A Note of Caution

Get Started / Good Things to Know

  • Who This Book is For
  • Proper Care and Feeding of Designers & Developers
  • Five Short Stories about Working with Designers & Developers

Part 1 / Why Build a Mobile App

  • Why Build a Mobile App?
  • What Could Be a Good Mobile App for your Company?
  • Is There Money in Apps?
  • Who Has a Mobile Device?
  • “Why don’t we just build a…”

Part 2 / Understanding Apps

  • Native vs. HTML5
  • Understanding Platforms
  • Choosing a Platform
  • Resolution: A Tale of Pixels and Densities
  • Building an iOS App
  • Building an Android App
  • Building an HTML5/Web App
  • Pricing an App

Part 3 / Getting your App Built

  • What Does an App Cost to Build?
  • How to Hire a Firm
  • Worksheet: App Planning
  • Where to Look For A Firm
  • What to Expect When You Are Pitched
  • Please No RFPs
  • How to Choose From the Bids You Receive
  • What an App Build Process Looks Like

Case Studies / Let’s Look at Some Apps!

  • Boart Longyear
  • SmartMouth Communications
  • The Mandate Press
  • TimeMD

More / Reference & More Help

  • Online Resources
  • Educate Yourself to Talk to Designers and Developers
  • Sample Use Case
  • Sample Wireframe

10 Minutes / Everything You Need to Know

Headed into a meeting and need to be informed, quick? This chapter is for you. 

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