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August 16, 2019

New Site, New Adventure

Thank you for checking out my brand new website. I recently left a Bay Area startup and I’m looking for my next adventure. I’m not exactly sure what that is going to be, but I’m available for consulting as I‌ figure it out. I’m looking for medium-term (3-6 months) gigs in either UX‌ consulting or Design Organization consulting. If you have a project that needs some strong UX‌ rails let’s talk. If you are part of a design organization (in-house or small agency) and would like to fine-tune your creativity, working relationships, and results I’d love to discuss that with you.

As I explore options I’m taking some time to get back to writing. I‌ was too busy in my last job to do much and I find that there are a lot of lessons and experiences I want to share with people now that I have some time. I’m focusing on UX Everywhere, Product Design, Leadership,‌ Efficiency, and Design Organizations. If you want to stay in the know, please join my mailing list.

I have a bunch of article topics, ideas, outlines, and rough drafts floating around, if there is something you’d like to hear about let me know! These are a few of the articles that I’m working through:

  • Long Term Creative Partnerships — there is magic that happens when people decide to do multiple jobs over many years together. I’m lucky enough to have a few of those in my life and I’ve worked with others. The force multiplier of these relationship can really make a positive impact on a company. This article explores those relationships and I’m looking for additional partners to interview.
  • Operating Agreements — similar to the one above, I’ve worked with one of my creative partners to codify informal operational agreements. These are the liner notes for how we interact in stressful and high pressure situations to ensure that friendships and feelings stay positive.
  • Core Values — I‌ ran an exercise in the groups I led to understand and commit to our core values. We ended up sharing these with each other and making them meaningful in a work environment. I’d like to share how this works so other organizations can implement this practice.
  • Ideation Funnels — this will most likely be much longer than an article. I’ve been exploring how we bring discipline to the practice of idea generation. How we capture, process, evaluate, and move forward on ideas.

These and about a hundred more article ideas are floating around.‌ Thanks for joining me on this journey.

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Amber Sawaya

Amber Sawaya is a UX consultant, best-selling author, and business owner. She writes about UX everywhere, leadership, efficiency, product design, and how to run design departments and small agencies.