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5 other awesome projects

A quick look at some cool things we’ve done over the years

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Digital Newsrooms

Sharpr worked with us on ongoing UI/UX for many years. We worked on more than 100 projects ranging from their website to platform UI/UX ro first-round ideation and information architecture.

Client Since

December 2013

Sharpr Digital Newsroom on 6 Screens

The Sharpr Digital Newsrooms project is a way to display all of the information that is stored in a Sharpr hub. This is a great user experience to share company information in bite sized chunks.

We worked on information architecture, front-end UI, admin/backend UI, and created a style guide.


JOUST Website

JOUST needed a website—quickly—to launch their dailies software at NAB, one of the largest events in their industry. We were able to work closely with them to iterate their website design, refresh content and get everything put together and launched in time for their launch.

Client Since

July 2015

Red Queen Book Arts

Red Queen Book Arts Branding

Red Queen Book Arts specializes in book arts, illustrated books, decorative arts and Lewis Carroll. The Red Queen from Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There was our muse for this project and informed everything from the logo to the language used throughout online and print collateral.

Check out that sweet photo on the end! That’s our client and our copywriter accepting an AIGA 100 Show award for the branding work.


Customer Welcome Emails

We’ve done a ton of work with Limnu. We started by consulting on a simple report for how they could improve their app and website.

Then we worked with them to revamp their UI. Then their website. Then basically everything else that their customers see.

The customer welcome email campaign we sent out not only increased customer touch points but had some great gains including:

  • 12.8% increase in conversion rate.
  • 20.4% increase in initial communication click through rate.
  • 21.8% increase in overall click through rate.
  • Increase in positive sentiment from customers that responded directly to the emails.

Client Since

June 2015


SAM Artificial Intelligence

We’re dealing with a firehose of information and the promise of AI to help you sift through, learn what is important to you, and cut the noise is on the horizon. Enter Sharpr’s SAM feature. An AI persona and app to deliver the insights you are about most.

Client Since

December 2013

We started by exploring the AI’s personality

The Trends app powered by SAM™ allows you to train a neural network.

That’s a quick view into the more than 40,000 hours we’ve put in to Sawaya Consulting.