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Boart Longyear

Website with a strong product and content marketing focus

Release Date August 2017

Boart Longyear Website

Boart Longyear chose Sawaya Consulting to build their website in 2012 based on the other work we’d completed for them. We’ve helped maintain the site since launch and when they were ready for a complete overhaul they hired us again.

This site has hundreds of elements and helps them land millions of dollars in new and repeat business every year. We were able to improve solutions from the last version of the site as well as create some new features to help them shift focus to a content marketing direction.

Client Since

July 2011

Other Projects

Sharepoint Intranet, multiple websites and mobile apps, other design and IT projects.


At the beginning of the project we worked with Boart Longyear to create website personas. As often happens, this process shed new light on their direction and content strategy and they ended using these to drive other projects.

Please note, some of this information is confidential and has been obscured or redacted from this presentation. 

Development Solutions

The Boart Longyear website looks great and has a lot of interesting design elements. There are several ‘living pictures’ called cinemagraphs that show movement of the rigs or of background elements. The site is colorful and immersive and tells their story in a new way.

Their previous website was very stark and regimented and this time they wanted the ability to create flexible pages—but still build something that can be maintained for years to come without turning into a nightmare.

While portfolios are usually all about the design, it’s the structure of this site that we really want to show off. We built several custom WordPress plugins to help Boart Longyear meet their goals.

The hero image dynamically pulls the correct header.

Like we did for Concrete Coatings, we created product pages that become the authority page.

We customized the WordPress editor to allow for specific fields that drive other pages on the website.

The top of the page includes a large hero image. The website detects if the hero image is present or not and choose the appropriate heading colors based on that information.

Frequently Bought Together builds a list of all other products on the site to choose from for cross linking. The tiles are automatically build from information in the editor.

Frequently Bought Together Backend

Frequently Bought Together Display

Explore More links pages to articles to support Boart Longyear’s content marketing efforts.

Just like other sections of the page, the tiles are dynamically generated based on information on the authority page—ensuring our clients aren’t doing unnecessary work.

Explore More Display

Explore More Backend Management

These are just a few of the WordPress customizations we did for this project.

We found elegant solutions for

  • Multiple language translations
  • Showing rig depths in an interactive chart
  • A way for the client to inject promotional ribbons and content throughout the site on a scheduled basis
  • Structuring pages while allowing flexibility

the list goes on and on…

Everything about this site build is geared towards building a site that looks great and works for the client.

We also refined our own development plugins, allowing our team of four developers to work on the site simultaneously—while the client was also working in the site—without clobbering each other.

A solid working relationship

This site is huge and the technical information has to be correct from a product, legal, and safety side. We were able to keep our team, their team, and the entire project on time and on budget—despite timezones differences and feature changes.

This project was a true culmination of what we believe—that a team that works well together will build a better product. We’re small by choice and we don’t have layers of bureaucracy that keeps clients away from designers and developers.

Our lead developer was in the first meeting and the last and several in between. Our designers and front-end developers were in direct contact with the client to solve issues and brainstorm ideas.

Pages at Launch

Combined team members

Hours of Work

Feedback from the Client

Sawaya Consulting is a fantastic group to work with. Not only do they get everything I need for a project done efficiently, on budget and on time, but they laugh at my bad jokes and they let me swear around them.

Melody Tripp
Web Content Manager, Boart Longyear