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Concrete Coatings, Inc.

Website and mobile site with product information for customers

Release Date December 2016

Concrete Coatings, Inc. Website

Concrete Coatings, Inc. hired Sawaya Consulting to updated their website to better showcase their products. We helped them with a new design and information architecture as well as  strong focus on intelligent ways to keep the product information in sync across a large website.

Client Since

July 2016


We worked with Concrete Coatings to reorganize their product offerings to make things more simple for their customers. Their old website was hard for their customers to use and difficult for them to maintain.

We also created a better way for the client to manage all of the information around a single product—making the product page the authority for the information. This allows images, descriptions, data sheets, reviews, and FAQs to pull from a single source. Pieces of the product would then be reused throughout the site—like a data sheet library—without additional content input.

Please note, some of this information is confidential and has been obscured or redacted from this presentation. 

This is an authority product page.

We customized the WordPress editor to allow for specific fields that drive other pages on the website.

This means product updates and PDFs are only updated in one place.

The DuraSet™ 1000 Authority page then populates these pages:

Project Challenges

The most challenging part of the project was pulling together a large product catalog, organizing it to make sense, making sure all the pieces were where they needed to be, and was set up so the client could manage it going forward.

Additional Webpages

Feedback from the Client

Sawaya Consulting is fantastic to work with! Our customers love the new look, love the maneuverability and the visibility our new site provides.

We had a lot of customer feedback from products and experiences that we have collected over the years. The Sawaya team compiled all of it and enabled us to present it in a meaningful way.

Sawaya Consulting is very task oriented. They were very effective at helping us complete all of the necessary steps to build the new site. They guided and pushed (ever so gently) to help us meet our goals and exceed our own expectations. Without their cheerleading and expert skill and execution, we never would have had such a wonderful finished product. Working with them has been a pleasure every step of the way.

Josh Cleverly
Corporate Sales Manager, Concrete Coatings, Inc.