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UI/UX for machine learning to tame and make sense of visual assets

Action Target

Patented user interface for advanced firearm training


UI/UX to view movie dailies for film crews, directors, and producers

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After more than a decade running a design + technology firm specializing in UX work I joined a Bay Area startup as their Executive Vice President of UX & Product. We created a product that applied the latest in machine learning to massive datasets –extracting valuable information from visual assets like documents, images, and videos.

I helped grow the company by 600%, was keyman in the VC funding, and an officer. I was able to help shape the UX and Product disciplines during my three years there. 

I left the startup in late July 2019 and I’m still pulling together my latest portfolio pieces. If you are looking for something specific from that experience please reach out to me and I’m happy to provide work samples. 

Hours of UX Experience

UX Patents

Complete UI Platforms

UX Delivers Results

UX is more than what looks good in a portfolio. It’s about measureable results.

efficiency in ux

Action Target’s UI was taking new users 30 to 120 seconds to complete the most basic task. Our redesign reduced that time to between 3 and 10 seconds. That’s a +90% improvement.

highly qualified leads

Sharpr worked with us to launch a new website resulting in a 23% increase in leads and a 64% increase in quality leads. This helped them land deals with with Budweiser, Google, and Lyft.

massive traction gains

Limnu benefited from our web and UI/UX partnership and went from 250 users to 16,000+ in 8 months. Boasting 60X growth and a 56% conversion rate.

Better Information

Zorroa’s UI reduced an M&A data review from 3 months of tedious man hours to 1 month with the help of machine learning – and delivered 90% data coverage  up from 10% manually.


212° Fitness


Action Target

Avalanche Software | WB Games

Boart Longyear

Bowen Collins & Associates

Brach Design

Bruges Waffles & Frites

Center for Transpersonal Therapy

Chameleon Biosciences

Chasm Partners

Chow Truck

Cognitive Therapy

Concrete Coatings, Inc

Cook Martin Poulson, P.C.

Coops ‘n’ Crafts

Dale Smith, DVM

Davies + Allen

Dexterity Salon


Fluid Heart Yoga

Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc

Hallows and Company


Hunt Interaction




Mazza Middle Eastern Cafe

MIC Global Services

Philliou Partners

Provo River Water Users Association

Prowess Consulting


Red Queen Book Arts

Salt Lake Culinary Center


Smart Mouth Communications

SOS Staffing

Stanford University


The Arts and Humanities Council of Tuscaloosa County

The Creative-Cartel

The Mandate Press

Thomas EMS




Utah Symphony | Utah Opera

Vacation Roost

Wester Electricity Coordinating Council

Wilkinson Ferrari


UX Magic

I believe in magic when it comes to user interfaces. Good design is intentional.

Making sure first-time users can work intuitively and come up to speed quickly is important.

Making sure advanced users discover power features at the exact moment they need them is magic.

I have a lot of magic and advice to share. Let’s talk about your project.


3 Pieces of UX Advice

Keep the action near the outcome, users need to feel in control.

New users need intuitive UIs, power users need feature discovery.

Some users lean back, some lean forward. Design for active and passive use.

Would you be a good fit?

If you can answer “hell yes!” to the following, I’d love to talk to you:

Ideal UI/UX Clients:

Have a working prototype that is ready for an user interface upgrade and results-driven user experience focus.

Cultivate a spirit of collaboration between design and engineering, knowing that the best work comes when we brainstorm and work together.

Are ready to begin a short engagement to try out our work with a longer commitment possible in the future.

Do I seem like a good fit for you? Let’s chat.

UX is part research, part intuition, part experience, and part magic.