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About Me

About Me

Hello! I’m Amber.

I’m dedicated to helping people have better experiences by finding ways to make things more fun, meaningful, efficient, and delightful.

I apply my craft through UX contract work and design agency & department consulting. 

A Little About Me

I’m a proven expert with 20+ years of experience in User Experience (UX), Product Design, Design Leadership, Efficiency, and Operational UX. I was named to Utah Business’ 40 Under 40 list in 2019. I’ve won multiple design awards, patents, and written several publications including a #1 Best Selling book.

After running my own consulting firm for a decade I joined a Bay Area startup that focused on applied machine learning. I was able to design the product from the ground up and then join the company as we expanded by 600% in the span of a year. I was a Keyman in the VC-funding by Gradient Ventures (the AI wing of Google Ventures) and an officer of the company. I built the UX and Product Design/Management disciplines while helping to secure multi-million dollar clients. 

Want to chat? Hit me up on email or give me a call at (415) 727-6554.
I’m a big fan of a virtual coffee date over Zoom. You can also grab my resume.

Current Interests

My interests are varied and are always changing—the byproduct of a creative mind, being an early riser, and ambitious curiosity.

Right now I’m actively interested in:

Loving Utah and my backyard.
After a year of living on and off in the Bay Area (Berkeley & Oakland) it’s so nice to be home. Home is even more meaningful to me than it used to be. Living in the high mountain desert is such a magical place (we have the BEST clouds here). I like to spend mornings in my yard with the cats and the wildlife and read, reflect, and write. 

Amature taxidermy.
Yeah, like stuffed animals. There is a whole movement of “ethically sourced” taxidermy which is a fancy term for “I picked up some roadkill”. We can talk more about this if you want—some people want to talk about bird anatomy and guts, some don’t.

I also love to throw parties.
Here is the most epic one I’ve thrown to date: Parties are just UX for your favorite people and I’m here for it. 

Disciplined practice.
I am very interested in how people generate, capture, and process ideas. I’m exploring how you bring discipline to the practice of ideation. I’m focusing on narrowing categories of thought, working ideas through a pipeline funnel, and producing the best work. 

I enjoy writing and I’m pretty good at it. Right now I’m honing my different ideas into concrete categories of: UX Everywhere, Product Design, Design Leadership, Efficiency (better than productivity!), and Operational UX (how you run a design department or agency so that you build the best products, have the happiest clients, and the most satisfied employees). 

Kenny Rogers knew what he was saying when he sang:
 You’ve got to know when to hold ’em; Know when to fold ’em;
Know when to walk away; And know when to run.

Excerpt from 2019 Utah Business 40 Under 40

Amber Sawaya has always had a talent for art, so following her passion into a career in graphic design was a no-brainer. Combining her passion with business, she built a career around user experience―and it paid off. “My first self-made million was a huge accomplishment,” Ms. Sawaya says, describing the consulting firm she ran for over decade. But as she’s pushed forward with passion, her innovations have only continued to push the envelope.

Since joining the team at Zorroa―which provides machine learning tools for businesses―Ms. Sawaya has made her mark on a whole new industry. Pushing the value of user experience in artificial intelligence, she maps how real humans interact with the power of machine learning, and she’s taken a leadership role in guarding against undiversified bias and other unintentional consequences that have vexed earlier AI efforts. “This curious nature and ability to dive in and understand a new area served me well when I was able to bring a UX mindset to the artificial intelligence industry,” she says. A best-selling author and startup success, Ms. Sawaya is a heavily sought after speaker, influencer, and mentor.

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Client Testimonials

Amber took the time to truly understand our product, goals, and team. The final designs delivered to us built a stunning picture of the product in its entirety, created a user experience that is changing our industry.

Danny Tiesling, Software Development Manager, Technicolor
Amber understands UX and UI needs and nails requirements with great looking designs and intuitive interfaces. Her mastery of web technologies makes her a natural extension of our team. She is truly the best.
Ken Snyder, CTO, Sharpr
Our experience with Amber is outstanding—flawless project management, clear communication, and a relentless ability to deliver. She is a complete joy to work with.
Beth Loughney, CEO, Zorroa

Wow! You made it all the way down here? Thanks for going on the journey.
Does it seem like we’d like to work together? Hit me up!